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Russian Dating Sites

There are thousands of Russian dating sites available online, but part of the problem is simply wading through them looking for the best ones.  How do you know which Russian dating site you can trust?

In fact, can you actually trust any of them?  You’ve heard all of the stories about hot Russian girls duping American, European, and Australian men out of all of their money.  It really worth the risk?  Are these sexy Russian girls even real?

You’ve got to answer all of those questions for yourself, but first the girls are real. There are thousands of hot Russian girls that would like to marry a man from the United States, Europe, or another Western country.  Since the fall of the Soviet Union there have been thousands of marriages between Western men and beautiful Russian brides.

Yes, there some of them could be scammers, but so could any lady with a profile on Match.com or any other domestic dating site.  In fact, the international dating sites work much harder to protect men from scammers than the domestic sites do.  Every Russian dating site knows that if they do not deliver first class customer service that they will soon have lots of unhappy message boards to deal with, message boards that will pretty much be up forever.

cute russian girl laid on a chair

Hot Russian Brides

You knew that, but did you know that these marriages apparently have a much LOWER divorce rate than other American marriages.  That was the conclusion of the only rigorous academic study on the mail order bride industry and of government reports to the United States Congress and another one in Switzerland.

The simple fact that being happily married and living in Kansas City or Spokane is not a story, but if some beautiful Russian bride in Phoenix goes crazy that stays in the news for weeks.  And if an American man abuses his Russian wife that never seems to leave the news, because the news is not a record of normal events.  The news is coverage of the interesting, exciting, different, and most importantly the scary.

If you really research the truth about mail order brides you will be shocked at how much of the data on mail order brides is positive.  A Russian dating service may actually be the best place to meet the love of your life.

The important thing for a man is to pick to carefully pick through the Russian dating sites carefully.

First, to paraphrase some stockbroker, the best indicator of future performance is past success, so look for the international Russian mail order bride sites with long successful track records.  For instance, Elena’s Models, A Foreign Affair, and Anastasia International have all been in business since the mid-1990s and they have thousands of happy marriages to their credit.

Second, there are some good agencies based in Russia.  Be Happy Today is a large Russian dating service, but there are others, however, the vast majority of the scam agencies are based in Russia or another Eastern European country where you will have almost no legal recourse to get your money back if you are unhappy.

A Foreign Affair is based in Phoenix, Arizona, and it gets an A from the Arizona Better Business Bureau.  Anastasia International is based in Maine and Elena’s Models is based in Australia.

Third, the larger Russian dating sites tend to have much better customer service.  Simply, put the industry leaders might be a little more expensive, but they are much more safe.

So, take a look at these beautiful Russian ladies.  The right Russian girlfriend could probably make you very happy.

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